Hi there, I’m Wisdom.

My name is Wisdom and I am running an online class company in the Philippines.

My company teaches English to students from Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam using online classes.

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(My story)

In 2002, when many people were crazy about the World Cup, they came to the Philippines with a backpack.

(2002년 많은 사람들이 월드컵에 열광할때, 배낭하나들고 필리핀에 왔습니다.)

The only reason why I decided to go to the Philippines is that I couldn't communicate in English even though my major is English.

(필리핀에 가기로한 이유는 단하나, 전공이 영문과임에도 불구하고 영어로 대화를 못했습니다.)

Of course, it was also cost-effective.

(물론 비용적인 면도 있었습니다.)

I studied English like crazy for exactly 3 months.

(정확히 3개월을 미친듯이 영어공부를했습니다.)

And I transferred to University in the Philippines.

(그리고 필리핀 대학교로 편입하였습니다.)

Listening to the university class, I realized desperately that practical English study is needed.

(대학수업을 들으면서 실용적인 영어공부가 필요하다는걸 절실하게 알게되었습니다.)

And I found out that there are so many people like me in Korea.

(그리고 나와같은 사람들이 한국에너무나 많이 있다는것을 알게되었습니다.)

So I started. Online video class...

(그래서 시작했습니다. 온라인 화상수업을...)


파트너 이야기

​(Partner's story)

My name is Sharon Banio. I'm from the Philippines.

When I was a senior in college, I made my first Korean friend.

Got it? Her name is Wisdom.

We are English education... No, we talked a lot about practical English.

And We created a practical English business based on burn.

Although there were so many frustrations and sadness, we are continuing to try and persevere in practical English classes until now.

Because of the frustration and sadness, we have grown a lot and feel more rewarding in what we do.

I hope you start with this kind of intention. I'll do my best to help you.